Zinc pumps

Zinc pumps



Basic information

A zinc pump is a MUST for every hot-dip galvanizing plant. In case of a zinc kettle leakage, it is practically indispensable for the plant operator to protect himself from major economic damage, such as the cost of a longer downtime, the cost of high replacement investment, etc. A zinc pump provides the plant operator with relatively low-cost risk protection ("precaution investment").



Zinc pump "Model 1"

• Capacity:                                      2.500 kg/min

• Maximum immersion depth:    2.500 mm

• Motor:                                           5,5 kW (6 PTC thermistors, air-cooled)



Zinc pump "Model 2"

• Capacity:                                      4.000 kg/min

• Maximum immersion depth:    4.000 mm

• Motor:                                           11 kW (6 PTC thermistors, air-cooled)