General galvanizing plants

General galvanizing plants



All general galvanizing plants are designed by us with an individual layout.


They are customized to the respective technical requirements and hall workshop dimensions as well as to the available investment budget.


We supply general galvanizing plants in the following variants:


• Systems with completely manually controlled transport equipment

• Systems with automatically controlled transport equipment in the area of ​​the chemical pretreatment line


Our general galvanizing plants plants include the following components:


• Chemical pretreatment line

• Drying furnace (including heat recovery system)

• Galvanizing furnace

• Transport equipment

• Environmental protection equipment

• Ancillary equipment and accessories

• Project engineering/Project management


Components that do not originate from our in-house production are sourced exclusively from cooperation partners who have been working in the hot-dip galvanizing market for many years and who have a high level of recognition and an excellent reputation there.