Galvanizing furnaces

Galvanizing furnaces

"Very robust, easy to maintain, long zinc kettle life, good energy efficiency." (Review of a customer)

In the circle of experienced hot-dip galvanizers, the statement "the galvanizing furnace is the heart of every galvanizing plant" is still ever-present in many places.

The experience of the hot dip galvanizer combined with the reliability of the galvanizing furnace determine the product quality of the mateial to be galvanized, the life of the zinc kettle and the efficiency of the energy consumed.

We supply galvanizing furnaces for steel kettles of any size, equipped with heating from one facial side or from two facial sides of the zinc kettle. Our galvanizing furnaces consist of a robust steel structure and a well-proven insulation (high-quality ceramic fiber mats plus high-quality insulating stones). We are equipping our galvanizing furnaces with high-velocity burners, probably the most energy-efficient solution currently available on the market.

Some advantages of our galvanizing furnace:

• High degree of pre-assembly, thus short installation time on site at the customer

• Zinc kettle saved heating phase through programmable temperature control

• Furnace chamber pressure control with excellent thermal efficiency

• Long service life thanks to a sophisticated control technology

• Easy to maintain and easy to handle

The exhaust gases from our galvanizing furnace can be used by a heat recovery system, for example for heating a drying furnace or for heating the baths of the chemical pretreatment line.