Drying furnaces

Drying furnaces (with heat recovery system)

"By far the best system on the market." (Review of a customer)

We believe that a drying furnace should be part of every hot dip galvanizing plant.

In the hot-dip galvanizing process, the drying furnace helps to dry the liquid on the galvanizing material from the chemical pretreatment line (higher safety by avoiding zinc splashes) and to ensure a uniform flux coating on the material to be galvanized (better quality of material to be galvanized).

In addition, the material to be galvanized is preheated by the warm air inside the drying furnace, so that the distortion is significantly reduced when immersed into the zinc kettle. In the hot-dip galvanizing process with "normal temperature" (ca. 450°C), the drying process also protects the zinc kettle.

Our system is equipped as standard with an energy-saving heat recovery system, which uses large parts of the galvanizing furnace exhaust gases to heat the drying furnace.

We have received feedback from many customers who previously operated their hot-dip galvanizing without drying furnace that they could not only achieve quality improvements (product quality) by using our drying furnace, but that they also had sustainable financial benefits (higher throughput, savings on zinc consumption, savings on energy consumption).

We supply our drying furnace as required in various designs (tunnel drying furnaces, underfloor drying furnaces, drying furnace with length feeding, drying furnace with cross feeding, drying furnace with sliding covers, drying furnace with hinged covers, drying furnace with lifting doors, drying furnace with 2 or more drying positions, etc.).