Centrifugal galvanizing plants

Centrifugal galvanizing plants (for small parts)

We supply centrifugal galvanizing plants (for small parts) with a capacity of up to 2.5 t/h (net) according to our in-house developed design.

We offer the following variants for projects customized to the respective technical requirements and workshop dimensions as well as the available investment budget:

• Systems with completely manually controlled transport technology

• Systems with transport technology semi automatically controlled transport technology

• Systems with completely fully automatic controlled transport technology

Our centrifugal galvanizing plants (for small parts) include the following components:

• Chemical pretreatment line

• Drying furnace (including heat recovery system)

• Galvanizing furnace

• Galvanizing device with spinning unit (over-bath spinner or floor-mounted appliance)

• Transport equipment

• Environmental protection equipment

• Ancillary equipment and accessories

• Project engineering/Project management

Components that do not originate from our in-house production are sourced exclusively from cooperation partners who have been active in the hot-dip galvanizing market for many years and have a high level of recognition there and an excellent reputation.